Pocket Finance

Engage Your Clients Easily and Effectively

Pocket Finance is a dual-interface platform with a client-facing mobile app and advisor-facing web portal. We have simplified gathering information through financial summary reports and continue to minimize data entry through integration with financial planning software.

If your clients are begging for simplicity and daily actionable items, we are here to help. Pocket Finance frees up your time, clients time, and creates passive value.

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A new system? Don’t worry! Our platform was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with little to no training required. It will unlock valuable time that you can use to better serve your clients.

Pocket Finance is unique and amazing


Simple Concept

Pocket Finance is the only consumer personal finance management tool with an advisor facing portal. Taking out the guess work, and adding value to the clients.



More insights than any other personal finance management tool on the market. Real-time actionables for you, and your clients.


Saves Time

Everything you need to provide more accurate up to date advice, see opportunities, request reports, schedule meetings, and organize client and prospective client data.

Go Both Ways,
you and the client

Why an Advisor Facing Portal?

You see your clients 2-3 times a year. In-between those meetings, you still want to showcase the value and ensure you are top of mind when things change.

With Pocket Finance, we take on that task for you. With our AI technology learning from your clients' habits, we are able to provide them with areas to improve, and when a change happens, with a click of a button they can involve you.

The clients are in control, and you are top of mind.


Your client paid off a loan, great! We inform the client to book time with you to discuss how to redirect the cash flow. Opportunities from your clients can be reported at the click of a button. This is the stuff you can’t see on a daily basis. Let us take it off your plate.

is our forte

Our technology solution is low-maintenance, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Off-load client account data aggregation to our software so you can spend more time engaging clients, delivering the best quality advice, and efficiently managing more clients.

Become a Leader

While we are adding more features to the Advisor Portal, we have a special offer for those who want to start using it today.

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We've got you covered


World-class integrations and partners, Dedicated full-time support, and cutting-edge innovations.


Fully encrypted bank-level security. We never sell your data and neither do our partners. No BS.


Save time wasted on data collection, increase client retention, and build trust between you and your clients. Your clients are your focus, and ours.

Time Is Money

Sign up today and take your advisory services to the next height.

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Our Vision

  • Allowing financial advisors their highest best use of time
  • Maximizing engagement and business with each client
  • Helping clients navigate finance successfully, while keeping you front of mind


We want to change the entire finance game in your favour. We focus our platform around increasing financial literacy, solving financial problems, finding opportunities to save money, and explaining complex banking jargon in simple terms.